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Moderna to increase dosages in vials of COVID vaccine Saturday, 27 February 2021

WASHINGTON, DC — Moderna has announced, following approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, that it will place 15 doses in the same-size COVID-19 vaccine vials now permitted to hold 10.

Currently, one vial of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine can inoculate five people with the two dose requirement. The new plan would boost its effectiveness to 15 doses per vial. The plan will also allow Moderna to boost production and delivery of the vaccine at a faster pace, while reducing pressure in the manufacturing process.

The U.S. now faces a shortage of vaccines. While it was hoped to have 200 million doses in stock by the end of March, in fact, Pfizer and Moderna have only shipped a combined 72 million doses. Officials in a number of states have expressed their dissatisfaction at not being able to receive adequate amounts of the vaccine.

President Joe Biden reportedly declared in mid-February that his administration had negotiated agreements with Pfizer and Moderna for 600 million doses of the COVID-19 two-shot vaccines, enough to inoculate 300 million people.

In written testimony submitted prior to the hearing, Pfizer also said it will increase supplies of the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming weeks, shipping some 13 million doses on a weekly basis by mid-March.

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