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NASA repairs Hubble Telescope after month-long shut down Sunday, 18 July 2021

NASA repairs Hubble Telescope after month-long shut down

HOUSTON, Texas: After being shut down for one month, NASA has repaired the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA said on Friday that it had repaired a computer problem by switching to backup hardware on the telescope and has re-established communications with all of its instruments.

"The switch was performed to compensate for a problem with the original payload computer that occurred on June 13 when the computer halted, suspending science data collections," NASA said.

After the telescope automatically switched Hubble operations to its safe mode during the interruption of services, NASA engineers are now working to return the telescope to normal operations "as the team runs various procedures and ensures the instruments are at stable temperatures."

Scientists will then need to recalibrate the telescope prior to resuming normal science operations.

After weeks of investigation, engineers at NASA traced the shut down of the telescope to problems with its power unit, which has since been repaired.

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