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After 3 years, U.S. boy’s message in bottle washes up in Ireland Sunday, 16 January 2022

After 3 years, U.S. boy’s message in bottle washes up in Ireland

DUBLIN, Ireland: It took three years to cross the Atlantic, but a message placed in a bottle and tossed into the ocean in the United States has been found on a beach in Ireland.

The American boy, 11 year-old Sasha Yonyak, said he had rowed into the Atlantic with a neighbor in 2019 so he could send the bottle on its journey.

"We went one mile offshore, off Ocean City, Maryland, and we threw it in, and it just started sailing," Sasha told

Three years later, the bottle was found by a couple taking a walk on a beach in Ireland.

"We knew, anyway, we had a message in a bottle, so we got really excited," Ciaran Marron told

Marron and Rita Simmonds said the note contained information about Sasha’s hobbies and his hometown.

"It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing," Marron said. "It’s something you sort of dream of as a kid, you know, to find this bottle and take you on some magical trip."

Meanwhile, the couple found Sasha’s father on Facebook.

"It was so cool to hear that the bottle made it all the way to Ireland," Vlad Yonyak said.

"It’s just meant to be about Sasha," Simmonds said. "The universe has just brought us together."

Sasha, now 14, said he hopes to remain in touch with with Marron and Simmonds and to meet them someday.

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