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Week ahead: EU-Africa Union Summit  Monday, 14 February 2022

Week ahead: EU-Africa Union Summit 

This week was meant to be focused on EU-Africa relations, culminating in a two-day Africa Union Summit. However, the summit is likely to be overshadowed by developments around Ukraine and ongoing diplomatic efforts led this week with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz paying a visit to Russia’s President Putin.

NATO defence ministers will also meet this week in Brussels with a view to further galvanizing their efforts and placing more troops in those countries who share a border with Ukraine.

Yesterday (13 February) Zelenskyy discussed sanctions and countering security challenges with European Council President Charles Michel. Zelenskyy underlined that he was committed to the so-called ‘Normandy Four’ process led by France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine to find a peaceful resolution and expressed his thanks for EU support.

Discussed with @CharlesMichel sanctions & counteraction to security challenges. Touched upon recent international talks & intensification of the peace process within #N4. Committed to the diplomatic settlement of the conflict. Grateful to the

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