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"Several drugs come from Pakistan, North-East border" Sunday, 18 July 2021

"Several drugs come from Pakistan, North-East border"

Hojai (Assam) [India], July 18 (ANI): Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday said that several drugs come from the Pakistan border and the North-Eastern border area and the Assam government will try to reduce consumption in the state.

"I know that drugs are sent to the mainland of India from Assam. It’s my national duty to cut the supply line and stop production. These drugs come from the Pakistan border and the North-East. Assam government will try to reduce consumption in the state and ensure that drugs don’t go to other states. In 2 months, we’ve seized drugs worth Rs 163 crores", said Sarma.

Sarma was addressing a program titled ‘Seized Drugs Disposal’ that was organised in appreciation of the work ethics and valour of Assam Police in Hojai.

Chief Minister in a tweet informed that, "The Last Rites of Drugs in Assam! In ‘seized drugs disposal’ program at Hojai today, 353.62 grams heroin, 736.73 kg ganja and 45,843 tablets have been destroyed."Assam Government has adopted a zero tolerance policy against drugs and Assam Police have been asked to aggressively step up measures against the menace. "I appreciate state police’s relentless campaign against drugs. We shall continue to work together against the scourge", the Chief Minister said in a tweet.

"Destroying of seized drugs worth Rs 163.58 cr over last 2 days speaks volumes of the money involved in drugs trading. It involves evasion of GSTis a severe dent to economy. We’re working in coordination with ManipurMizoram to eliminate drugs menace from North East India", tweeted Sarma.

For the second consecutive day, Assam Police’s dedicated drive has led to destroying of 9.733 kg heroin, 253.301 kg ganja, 977 opium, 78340 cough syrup and 271904 number of tablets, said the Chief Minister and added that the fight will continue till the scourge of drug trafficking is eliminated.

Addressing the event, Sarma said that some anti-social elements have been taking advantage of Assam’s proximity to Golden Triangle and using our land as transit routes for drugs trafficking. "However, we’ve been firm in our resolve to handle this menace with strictest measures. The results are visible," he said. (ANI)

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