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Brexit: ‘Friends never say goodbye’ Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Brexit: ‘Friends never say goodbye’

The vote is accompanied by a Resolution prepared by the United Kingdom Coordination Group and political groups, in which MEPs recall their priorities. "We expect the European Commission to mobilise all legal instruments of the agreement to ensure its full implementation, including the Northern Ireland Protocol — and we will follow each step taken in this regard closely," Weber added.

Christophe Hansen MEP, EPP Group Spokesman on International Trade and negotiator on EU-UK relations, promises that Parliament will keep a close eye on how the UK government implements what was jointly agreed. "Today, we open a new chapter in our relationship with the UK. Friends never say goodbye and we will obviously continue to work together closely. The negotiated agreement puts in place clear safeguards to ensure that the UK respects the rights of our citizens and businesses, ensures fair competition and respects the fisheries agreements. Obviously, we will be vigilant in enforcing these safeguards. I repeat that it is absolutely fundamental that Parliament has been granted a strong role in supervising the implementation of the new agreement. This role is clear and we will not hesitate to use it."

"As a final word, we would like to once again congratulate and honour Michel Barnier and his team. What he achieved in the negotiations is outstanding and truly historic. The unity he kept on the European side was remarkable. His work was colossal", concluded Weber and Hansen.

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