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Hungry Afghanistan catered for by Pak Turk Red Crescent Wednesday, 06 October 2021

Hungry Afghanistan catered for by Pak Turk Red Crescent

PESHAWAR: Pakistan — The Turkish Red Crescent and Pakistan Red Crescent Society have handed food cargos to the Afghan Red Crescent Society at the Torkham border.

The food packages included rice, flour, and other biodegradable products. As stated by the Afghan Red Crescent official Ghulam Habib Hasan, this assistance was the need of the hour as Afghan people desperately require food.

"We are thankful to the Turkish and Pakistan Red Crescent Societies," Hasan said. "This assistance will be given to the needy people of Afghanistan." The Turkish Red Crescent provided food packages to the Afghan people on a humanitarian basis, claimed Ibrahim Carlos, Turkish Head of Red Crescent Delegation.

"Afghan people need assistance in food, health, and other developmental work, and our relief supplies will continue with the Afghan people," Carlos said. Also, he showed his gratitude towards the Pakistani government for the assistance and contributions provided by them. He further claimed that these food items would reach the needy people in Afghanistan due to the help of the Pakistani government.

Pakistan Red Crescent Chairman Abrar ul Haq reiterated the commitment to continue helping Afghans on humanitarian grounds.

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