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Indian World Forum demands criminal case against Pannun Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Indian World Forum demands criminal case against Pannun

New Delhi [India], July 19 (ANI): A criminal case of subversion against US-based Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, self-designated convener of the banned Sikhs For Justice organisation, has been demanded by the Indian World Forum for inciting anti-national feelings among Indians and provoking them to take to divisive and subversive activities.

In an official statement, the Indian World Forum said that Pannun has released a 1.52-minute video asking the Sikhs to lay siege at the Parliament on July 22 carrying swords and Khalistan flags raising anti-national slogans in the national capital.

In a communication sent to the Commissioner of Delhi Police, the forum demanded that the help of Interpol be taken to unleash a crackdown on Pannun and his overseas supporters for indulging in anti-national activities against India from the foreign soils.

Earlier, Pannun had undertaken a miserably failed mission of promoting Khalistan with "Referendum 2020" which no support whatsoever among the Sikhs in the country.

In the communication, the forum highlighted that Pannun’s supporters in countries like Canada, the UK and the US have been funding subversive elements in Punjab to disturb the law and order situation and to mislead the gullible youth in conveyance with ISI Pakistan and others.

While asserting that the Sikhs in India stood firmly with the sovereignty and integrity of the nation including the nationalist forces, the Indian World Forum demanded strict punitive action against Pannun at the earliest. (ANI)

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