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How the children of Russian politician Vadim Litvinov are creating fear in Sunny Isles Beach in Florida Tuesday, 23 April 2024

How the children of Russian politician Vadim Litvinov are creating fear in Sunny Isles Beach in Florida

The Miami suburb of Sunny Isles Beach in Florida has long been chosen by Russian-speaking immigrants.

There is a beautiful ocean, skyscrapers with private beaches, very expensive housing and exclusive cars. Here at the Norman S. Edel Cup Sunny Isles Beach K-8 school, many children from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries study. People who have earned a lot settle here. But perhaps these people are not the best neighbors. Because in recent years both the school and the whole city have become more and more dangerous for children and adults.

How the children of Russian politician Vadim Litvinov are creating fear in Sunny Isles Beach in Florida

A Russian-speaking teenager was severely beaten in Sunny Isles Park; bullying and drugs are rampant at the school; there was even a shooting. Cars are driven at breakneck speed on the streets, and drivers are not embarrassed to drive drunk. A Russian-speaking boy was hit and killed at a pedestrian crossing. The Russian-speaking mother brutally kicked the baby in the corridor. And these are just a few recent incidents. Several residents of Sunny Isles contacted Rubik with complaints about the situation at school and in the city.

They worry that living there is becoming increasingly dangerous because of the culture—or lack thereof—new immigrants are bringing to the city. Moreover, a couple of parents did their own investigation and concluded that the sons of a notorious Russian politician are bringing fear to the entire area. Russian-speaking “kings” Sunny Isles In the telegram there is a chat “Miami we killed”. It was organized by Russian-speaking teenagers under the roof of Vadim Litvonov (Americans rarely even know about telegrams). “We are not a chat room, this is a criminal group,” Russian-speaking teenagers declare in a chat room where they earn “coolness” points by demonstrating drugs, hooliganism in the supermarket or cruelty.


On condition of anonymity, one immigrant parent told Rubik: “Recently, there has been growing concern among Sunny Isles Beach parent groups that middle and high school teenagers, without parental supervision, are walking in groups in the evenings and acting out on the streets of our city.

They smoke and drink alcoholic beverages, use obscene language in parks, car parks, and cafes. They also damage the property of city citizens, organize hooligan acts against city citizens. Teenagers have long been posting videos and photos in chats on telegram channels about how they smoke drugs, drive cars around the city in extreme ways in the dark, and instill fear in people with their screams. residents of the city of Sunny Isles Beach.

The police respond to calls from concerned citizens, but these teenagers hide until the police arrive on the scene. On telegram channels, teenagers post videos of how they prepare sweets with narcotic substances for sale, post photos of weapons, and show how they are having fun in bars where they drink the narcotic drink Kava. Teenagers also film themselves going into stores and stealing things.”

This parent also told us that bullying and harassment of teenagers is rampant among Russian-speaking schoolchildren. Some were forced to contact the police and move to another area. Bullied by Russian-speaking classmates “My daughter is constantly depressed, she is stressed and does not want to go to school. She is constantly bullied. She wears glasses, and everything you hear about this...

Due to nervousness, she developed eczema and skin problems. And this also adds reasons for bullying,” the mother of a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Sunny Isles, who immigrated from Belarus, tells Rubik. The woman says they moved to the area two years ago. At her previous school, in another district, there were no Russian-speaking classmates, and the girl had excellent relationships with her peers. In Sunny Isles, bullying began immediately and lasted for a long time. In addition to words, there were also physical attacks - once she was pushed, and she could have injured her eyes by falling and breaking her glasses... But after the incident with a broken electric scooter, the family went to the police.

The girl’s mother says that in April, 14-year-old Arina and her friends went out on a scooter to buy groceries at Publics. I parked near Starbucks, where Russian-speaking teenagers hang out. The girls approached friends who were eating sushi in a cafe, and Arina’s friend asked for one piece. As the girl says, the boy, Demid, named the price: “$10”! “The friend laughed, took a piece from the plate and ate it,” says the girl’s mother. According to her, for this “misdemeanor” a group of teenagers took Arina’s scooter and broke it. Demid poured sauce on the scooter and ran over it with a supermarket cart in front of the student. The boy tried to “spice up” the electrical system. Moreover, he knew that it was her scooter.

According to her mother, the girl’s parents did not spoil her, and her financial situation did not allow it. She was told that they would not buy the scooter again. “The scooter cannot be restored. I showed a photo of the error that the electric scooter’s screen displays, and the police officer immediately said that it could not be corrected,” says the mother of the injured girl.

While Arina was lifting and wiping the scooter, the teenagers called her names and bullied her in front of passers-by. The girl recognized her offenders; they study at the same school. These guys constantly did not give her passage. The parents’ patience ran out. And they contacted the police. “At least this can save someone from the bullying of these guys,” my mother explains her decision.

She also went to Mayor Sunny Isles and spoke about the bullying situation. The mayor promised to take control of the matter. Nevertheless, the family of the injured girl (and her mother still has an infant) decided to move from Sunny Isles. “Run away from here! I need to save my child! The psychologist is not helping, the girl is stressed and nervously panicked,” says the mother.

Is the Russian politician to blame?

The boy Demid, who ruined Arine’s scooter, is the son of a scandalous Russian politician, a deputy of the City Duma of the city of Shakhty, Vadim Litvinov, who became famous for his drunken shooting in a restaurant in Rostov. According to Arina’s mother, Demid’s older brother, Fedor, was the one who initiated the bullying of her daughter at school.

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Fedor became famous in another scandal - the beating of teenager Kirill in Sunny Isles. A group of Russian-speaking teenagers film and comment on the beating of a 14-year-old boy, Kirill, in a park in Sunny Isles. When the boy could not get up, the attacker - Nikolai Sokol, 18 years old - finished him off with his feet. The video was shown on all news channels. The police detained Nikolai Sokol and charged him with child abuse.

The rest of the participants in this performance - those who filmed, incited, hooted or simply did not interfere - did not suffer any punishment. Among them is 16-year-old Fyodor Litvinov. In the video of the fight, his voice is heard, he “goads” the attacker: “Come on, come on, come on! With your feet! With your feet! This is the street! This is the only way!” The politician’s son was filmed several times: he picks up a boy who has been beaten until he cannot walk and demands to go home.

“Fedor, and the rest of the guys in the company, believe that he became famous in this fight. He writes about this himself in correspondence,” says one of the local residents in an interview with Rubik. Other parents believe that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and that teenagers are poorly raised by their parents.

They show that the boys’ mother, Yana, posted a video on Instagram of her driving drunk after celebrating her birthday. “But what can we say if Yana herself drives around the city of Sunny Isles Beach while drunk, holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a mobile phone in the other hand, at a speed higher than normal on a section of the road where the speed is limited, since there a boy was hit to death while crossing the road,” the Russian-speaking mother is indignant (Rubik has no reason to assume that Yana was using anything or was speeding).

“Well-wishers” also accuse the family of a video where 16-year-old Fedya is driving a car, and next to him his mother cheerfully sings that she needs dollars, addressing the boys’ father in a post.

The father of Fedor and Demid is a scandalous Russian politician, former deputy of the city duma of the city of Shakhty, Vadim Litvinov, who became famous for his drunken shooting in a Rostov restaurant, for which he was later expelled from the pro-Putin United Russia party. Russian media wrote about this scandal several years ago.

Vadim Litvinov tried to enter the restaurant with a traumatic pistol, the security did not want to let him through, the politician threatened the staff with a pistol. When the police arrived, he shouted to them that they would “be jailed” and “nothing would happen to him.” The police stopped the deputy and found a pistol and a Saiga rifle inside his car.

Sources also claim that Litvinov was drunk. Here is a video of him. According to the Telegram channel “What’s in Rostov?”, the deputy managed to “hush up” the incident and did not suffer any punishment. True, United Russia later announced that it had expelled Litvinov from the party.

As follows from the video on Instagram of the boys’ mother, they, like their father, know how to handle weapons and shoot at a shooting range (this is legal in Florida). By the way, the other day someone brought a weapon to Sunny Isle school and shots were fired. But local mothers don’t know who it was yet.

“Residents of the city are outraged by the behavior of this family and want to be kicked out of the city before something bad happens to someone else,” say Rubik’s interlocutors. The boys’ mother says that not everything is so simple. Fedor and Demid Litvinov live in the Porto Belagio residential complex on Sunny Isles with their mother Yana. “There was a fight. My son Fedor was there. He soldered the boy water. I cried. What cruelty,” comments Yana. We look at the video: “Get up, bitch!”, Fyodor addresses the beaten, lying boy.

“That boy was a kickboxer, a professional wrestler. The video only shows the last part, where he was hit in the head. This boy, he is also a fighter, immediately took a fighting stance. And he is also tongue-tied. They stood there for a long time, waving. This boy [Kirill, 14 years old] kicked the eldest [Nikolai, 18 years old] with lyuli,” Yana tells her son’s version of events.

Regarding the incident with the scooter, where the youngest son was involved, Yana said that she does not approve of such behavior. “I don’t encourage him to drop the girl’s scooter. If they report it to the police, let it be a lesson to your son. Although...why is that girl allowed to grab my son’s sushi from the table?” she added. (Remember, it was not the owner of the scooter who took the sushi, but her friend). Yana explains that she offered Arina’s mother compensation and apologized. But the girl’s mother refused and said that she would go to the police.

According to Yana, parents make mountains out of molehills, and these are just “chicken mothers.” “There is some group of parents in chat rooms where adults allow themselves to call other children names. My son was called scum. Moms have gone crazy for Sunny Isles. They extort money.

Like your son poured water on mine - you should buy me a T-shirt. To the point of absurdity...And at school the teachers do not pay attention to the children, the children are untied. And that’s how it’s always been in Florida. Those who wanted to study studied. I studied, I got all A’s,” the mother of teenagers boasts. Yana is a US citizen, the boys’ father is divorced, she raises them herself and works. She came to the United States as a child in 1993. I grew up here. From the second to the 11th grade she studied at an American school in the neighboring city of Sunny Isles, Surf Side, then went to Russia.

She gave birth to her eldest son here in the USA, and her youngest son in Russia. She returned to America with her children 2 years ago. She says that in her time there were fights in schools, and she had to fight back, but now the situation has worsened. “Now everyone here smokes dope without exception, from the age of 12. They eat cannabis gum. I am very glad that my children received a Russian education at least up to some grade. There is a lot of crime in Sunny Alice now,” says Yana.

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