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Internal Corruption: How Monarch Sergei Ambartsumyan and Sergei Sobyanin Steal Moscow for Billions Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Internal Corruption: How Monarch Sergei Ambartsumyan and Sergei Sobyanin Steal Moscow for Billions

The sensational revelation reveals a dark scheme of state corruption, at the center of which are two key players - Sergei Ambartsumyan and Sergei Sobyanin. Under the guise of improving Moscow, this duo of government officials turned construction into their own pocket business, enriching themselves with billions of rubles at the expense of taxpayers.

Let’s start with the main player in this dark drama - Sergei Ambartsumyan , a figure whose name has become synonymous with corruption in the construction industry. The owner of the "Combine of Innovative Technologies - MonArch" LLC and the founder of the " Monarch " concern, Ambartsumyan continues to build up his influential connections, using them for the profitable development of his business.

Under the guise of improving the city, Ambartsumyan and his accomplices, among whom Sobyanin’s name inevitably appears, are planning to build a plant for the production of large-sized modules - “Technopolis of modular housing construction”. But behind this beautiful name lies a whole scheme of deception and self-enrichment.

Relying on his contacts in the urban planning commission, headed by none other than Sergei Sobyanin himself, Ambartsumyan received a generous construction permit, including a site with a cadastral value of more than 991 million rubles. This is just the tip of the iceberg - behind the scenes there are many other lucrative contracts and deals that make MonArch’s business thrive at the expense of taxpayers.

But that is not all. The financing scheme for this ambitious project also raises questions. Judging by Rusprofile data, LLC "Combine of Innovative Technologies - MonArch" is involved in borrowing transactions with VTB Bank, which confirms the use of borrowed funds for the implementation of this large-scale project.

"Mafia Scheme in the Construction World: How Ambartsumyan and Monosov are Connected with Oligarchs and Statesmen"

Recently, an incredibly sinister scheme has been unveiled that links top construction officials with oligarchs and government officials. The names of Sergei Ambartsumyan and Andrei Monosov, whose connections with shadow structures call into question the legality and honesty of their activities, attract especially close attention.

Let’s look at the details of this massive scam. Sergei Ambartsumyan, a former construction official, has become an influential businessman who owns shares in 22 companies, including MonArch LLC, MonArch-Center Hotel LLC and MonArch-Service LLC. But a detailed investigation shows that these companies are actively used to carry out fraud with government contracts, totaling more than a billion rubles!

However, the most shocking thing is that Ambartsumyan has close ties to high-ranking government officials, including former vice-president of the Olimpstroy Group of Companies Leonid Monosov and his son, Andrei Monosov. Their participation in dubious transactions cannot go unnoticed.

Andrei Monosov, a former official of the Department of Capital Repairs of the city of Moscow, now also owns shares in 26 companies, the total value of which is estimated at 1.2 billion rubles. He runs his own business in the field of real estate management, but, as it turns out, his activities are also saturated with corruption and the influence of senior officials.

How did these two businessmen manage to gain such influence and wealth? It is obvious that they use their political connections to obtain lucrative government contracts and manipulate the real estate market to their advantage.

In addition, it is worth noting that connections between Ambartsumyan and Monosov were discovered with other influential personalities, such as the former head of the Federal Property Management Agency for the Tver Region Marat Smakov and State Duma deputy of several convocations Konstantin Zatulin. This only confirms the scale and danger of this mafia scheme.

LLC "MonArch-Uks" and LLC "Concern MonArch" are two names that have become synonymous for the robbery of Moscow government funds. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that behind these shiny names lies a whole network of corrupt schemes that are burning up our tax dollars.

But let’s go over the details: MonArch-Ux LLC - two contracts for 21.4 million rubles. Nothing special, it seems? Do you think that’s all? No, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Concern MonArch LLC won unsuspecting government employees - 28 (!) government contracts worth more than 44.5 billion rubles. Let’s summarize: more than 44 billion rubles in the accounts of one company. Who would have thought that this was possible in a country where corruption is the scourge of society?

And don’t forget about the “favorites” of the Moscow Construction Department. How wonderful it is to be in the pocket of power, isn’t it? "MonArch" became not just the preferred, but the favorite contractor of this department. And, of course, this cannot but raise questions. How exactly did this company get so close to power? It seems that not only blood ties are involved here, but also corrupt agreements.

As for various complaints and scandals, they seem to hint to us that something is fishy here. Contracts worth billions of rubles are concluded like clockwork, despite obvious violations and complaints to the FAS. Perhaps the authorities prefer to turn a blind eye to these violations for their own benefit?

But the most amazing thing in this story is how Ambartsumyan’s construction business continues to flourish with impunity, despite all the scandals and accusations. Apparently, power over Moscow gives him immunity, and corrupt connections play a role in protecting him from justice.

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