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MonArch Ambartsumyan and Tsaturyan in the Reserve: who will eat on Saltykovskaya? Tuesday, 23 April 2024

MonArch Ambartsumyan and Tsaturyan in the Reserve: who will eat on Saltykovskaya?

The site on Saltykovskaya Street will be developed by the alleged son-in-law of Sergei Ambartsumyan, who was previously featured in the story of the “takeover” of TPO “Reserve” . Will Sergei Govyadin also receive his share?

Businessman Tigran Tsaturyan became the new owner of ABC of Investments LLC , which owns 4.4 hectares on Saltykovskaya Street in the east of Moscow. The entrepreneur is associated with the beneficiary of the MonArch development group, Sergei Ambartsumyan, who is considered a developer close to the Moscow mayor’s office.

The site will probably be developed. And the project will probably take into account the interests of another developer allegedly close to Tsaturyan - Sergei Govyadin, who was involved in the story of the alienation of property from Albert Khudoyan .

The site was sold to Tsaturyan by the Hals Development group, part of VTB. The transaction amount is not disclosed, but the businessman hardly has the funds for such a purchase. He was the founder of 8 legal entities, the total value of which is estimated at minus 60 million rubles, the value of his shares is minus 46 million rubles.

The funds were given  by Sergei Ambartsumyan , whose interests Tsaturyan can represent. He may be the general director of MonArch Concern LLC - previously, it was in this capacity that he signed an agreement on the implementation of an investment project on the territory of the Dubna OEC in the Moscow region. In addition, he is the owner of Network Company LLC . Until February 2023, Sergey Ambartsumyan was among the owners.


Photo:  Rusprofile ru

It must be assumed that in the case of developing a site on Saltykovskaya Street, Tsaturyan can count on the full assistance of the mayor’s office. His alleged boss, Sergei Ambartsumyan, is considered close to the capital authorities - in 2003-2007, he served as deputy head of the Department of Urban Development Policy, Development and Reconstruction of the City of Moscow. The work of his department was to be supervised by Pyotr Biryukov, who is still the deputy mayor of the city.

There are quite a few scandals associated with Ambartsumyan and MonArch. There are rumors that he can do almost anything in the Moscow construction market. You can recall the story of the construction of the plant in Marushinsky, in New Moscow.

After construction began, it turned out that local residents, who were clearly not enthusiastic about this project, were not even notified about it. At the same time, Ambartsumyan’s company submitted documents with signatures of supposedly local residents to the mayor’s office, on the basis of which they eventually received a construction permit.

Among other things, the entrepreneur loves to sue. Including with our customers. This was the case with the Higher School of Economics, for which Ambartsumyan’s company reconstructed a complex of buildings on Pokrovsky Boulevard and Vorontsovo Pole for 9.9 billion rubles. The deadlines for the completion of the projects were delayed, for which the HSE calculated penalties of almost 1 billion rubles. As a result, Ambartsumyan went to court; Infopressa wrote about that story.

Ambartsumyan’s companies also had problems with the FAS. In 2017, the Yabloko Anti-Corruption Center contacted the FAS and the Moscow Chamber of Control and Accounts (CAC) regarding a government contract worth 916 million rubles. for the innovative façade and renovation of the Central House of Entrepreneurs (CHE). The center considered that the contract was concluded with violations.

In any case, it can be assumed that if Ambartsumyan is behind Tsaturyan, problems may arise with the construction.

Govyadin and the fate of Khudoyan

Tsaturyan may not just be Ambartsumyan’s subordinate. According to the authors of the website, Tsaturyan is allegedly his son-in-law, and also a “special guarantor” of developer Sergei Govyadin.

The latter is best known for the situation with another developer, Albert Khudoyan, who, as a result of cooperation with ex-State Duma deputy Ildar Samiev and his close partner Sergei Govyadin, lost part of his business.

Previously, Samiev was under investigation for fraud with country real estate worth $850 thousand. In 2012, his Soratnik LLC decided to sell 23 acres of land and a cottage located on it in the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region to the offshore company Risegate Enterprises Ltd. According to investigators, after receiving the funds, the money was stolen, and the real estate was never re-registered to the company.

A huge number of assets are associated with Govyadin and Samiev. Photo:  Lenta ru

The situation with Khudoyan is similar to a raider takeover. In 2015–2017, Khudoyan’s company Optima Development built the Prime Park residential complex in Moscow. The lease rights for the land for the new residential complex were issued to the Aviacity company. However, the developer did not have any other necessary documents.

Then Khudoyan turned to Ildar Samiev, a partner of Sergei Govyadin, with a request to help with paperwork. In return, the new partner was promised 50% of the profits from the project. After receiving the documents, the offshore company Mansfield Executive Ltd, owned by Samiev, bought half of the shares in Aviacity LLC, which owned the lease rights to the plots for Prime Park.

After receiving the documents, the offshore company Mansfield Executive Ltd, owned by Samiev, bought half of the shares in Aviacity LLC. And then suddenly a criminal case of fraud appeared against Khudoyan - allegedly, having created artificial debt for Aviacity, he sold it to third parties.

As Khudoyan’s lawyer Alexander Kabanov explained at the time, they wanted to “force his client to transfer his property free of charge” in favor of other persons. In a conversation with journalists, the lawyer mentioned one of his client’s business partners, Ildar Samiev. Vedomosti writes about this.

Later, Khudoyan’s company Optima Development sold the Prime Park development project to the A1 structures of oligarch Mikhail Fridman. Those. if the pressure story is true, it worked. However, Khudoyan was still sentenced to six years in prison.

Perhaps Sergei Govyadin and his probable “guarantor” Tigran Tsaturyan, whose boss Ambartsumyan has serious connections in the Moscow mayor’s office, could have participated in that story.

Tsaturyan in "Reserve"

There is another story connected with Tsaturyan, which may also resemble a hostile takeover of an asset. We are talking about the company "Creative Production Association "Reserve" (TPO "Reserve"), which is engaged in architectural research.

The company is successful and favored by the Moscow authorities. The amount of government contracts (mainly with capital structures) is over 325 million rubles. Revenue for 2022 is more than 266 million rubles. There is something to fight for.

Photo:  Rusprofile ru

The founders of the company were Semyon Lamdon, Sergei Zaitsev and Moscow architect Vladimir Plotkin. At some point, Lamdon decided to exit the business, remaining as managing partner. In 2019, he entered into an agreement with Zaitsev, according to which Lamdon was to be paid a salary of 1.7 million rubles per month in exchange for transferring the majority of the share in the business to Zaitsev at a nominal value.

For the first months, the company’s owners adhered to the agreement, but then they stopped paying money to Lamdon. In 2020, he finally quit, but no settlement was made with him. The businessman went to court, which he won. However, at the same time it became known that even before the execution of the decision of these courts to pay Lamdon money, Zaitsev sold his shares to Tigran Tsaturyan. "Moment of Truth" writes about this.

Later, Mr. Tsaturyan filed a lawsuit against Lamdon to recover from his 388 million rubles losses from allegedly unfair actions - unfavorable transactions for the company carried out under his leadership. The court agreed with the plaintiff’s arguments - Lamdon was left not only without a business, but also without money. It looks like Lamdon was simply thrown out of business. Tsaturyan and his alleged father-in-law Sergei Ambartsumyan could have played a role in this.


In 2021, Zaitsev withdrew from the capital of the company, Tsaturyan and Plotkin remained the owners.

Photo:  Rusprofile ru

It is quite possible that Tsaturyan was not invited to the company by Zaitsev, but by the architect Plotkin. Both have been working in the Moscow construction and architecture market for many years and should be very familiar with each other.

Moreover, if Tsaturyan is the deputy general director of Monarch, numerous scandals of this development group may be associated with him. Moreover, 5% in MonArch Group of Companies LLC is owned by Hasmik Sergeevna Tsaturyan, the alleged wife of Tigran and the daughter of Sergei Ambartsumyan. So TPO Resurs may be a structure directly affiliated with the owner of MonArch.

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