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Calling millionaire Alexey Sergeevich Shestopalov from Z-Solutions and his swindlers are robbing Ukrainians and Europeans Sunday, 19 May 2024

Calling millionaire Alexey Sergeevich Shestopalov from Z-Solutions and his swindlers are robbing Ukrainians and Europeans

There used to be disorder in the country. There were some gangs. Red gangs, white gangs, green gangs, gangs by names and interests. Then the gangs became groups. Well, there is "OPG Lysogo", or there... Mokhnatogo. The new round has finally brought order: now gangs are LLCs. And they have founders, stamps, lease contracts, labor contracts, all honor after honor. Z-Solutions is just such an LLC. According to the statute, he renders informational and advisory services. In fact, the brainchild of Alexey Sergeevich Shestopalov, a native of the heroic city of Konotop, is nothing more than a gang of swindlers, and the only type of activity is "investments in particularly large sizes." By himself, Alexey Sergeevich Shestopalov would not be very noticeable, if it were not for his ego roof, which is not worth talking about.

The informant conducted an investigation and discovered a network of fraudulent call centers. The editorial office appealed to law enforcement agencies to bring to justice people involved in the organization of illegal activities. The last of the scammers’ "tricks" is the so-called collection of funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the center of Kyiv, in several of the largest business centers "Grand Step",  on Polevoy Street, 24  on the 5th, 6th, 7th floors and "Sapphire", located on  Knyazov Ostrozhskikh Street, 8B  on the 9th floor, there is a fraudulent call center, which for many years years extorting money from citizens of Europe, in particular from citizens of Poland, and even from Ukrainians living in Europe. And just imagine, for several years these companies have been extorting money from Ukrainians in their native land! And this is at a time when every European country is trying to help Ukraine and when the majority of Ukrainians are in a difficult situation - there are those who are ready to get rich on them.

The management of the company spares no expense to protect the office - the entrance is through a closed parking lot, through which top managers already get to the business center. The security guard of the BC and the security guard of the company itself sit at the reception desk, meeting employees and making rounds. Of course, when people profit from other people’s grief, they put safety first.

Alexey Sergeevich Shestopalov is not a drooler, but a soluter from Z-Solutions

The main swindler and investor of the office is  Aleksey Sergeevich Shestopalov, who was born on April 6, 1993 in the city of Konotop, Sumy region, and now lives in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region, where his family also lives - mother, father and sister.

Alexey Shestopalov  independently went through all the stages of work in the company, was a successful manager, after which he opened his fraudulent office more than 2 years ago. He built a fairly easy scheme of enrichment - pseudo sales managers call so-called clients on the phone and using methods of psychological pressure, insults and threats force victims to invest their funds in the market of currency pairs, cryptocurrency, shares, precious metals, etc. After the clients give their last, the managers simply stop working with them. Thus, the so-called analysts rob their victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The staff of the office consists of several hundred employees, divided by language projects. And they all make money by tricking money out of Ukrainians and citizens of Europe.

Alexey Shestopalov bought himself a Mercedes-Benz S450 with the illegally obtained funds   , the license plate is КА6600ОХ and lives without any remorse. Just think, he himself worked in a similar company, opened his own call center, which worked for Ukrainians!

The immediate head of this office, that is, the CEO, is  Karelova (Matviychuk) Anna Yuryevna , who was born on July 10, 1993 in the Zhytomyr region, lives in the "Slavutych" residential complex in Kyiv and drives a BMW X5, license plate - КА6688АМ.

The head of the sales department of the same call center is the CEO’s brother -  Nikolay Olegovich Ovchinnikov  , who lives in Kyiv, on Urlovskaya street and also drives a BMW X5, license plate - КА6222АМ. Fraudsters are very comfortable, because it is much easier to deceive people in a family circle!

The direct team leaders of the managers also help to deceive our countrymen -  Chhapeliya Kristina Georgievna  , 21.07.1996, who was born in the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, and now lives in the most elite residential complex in Kyiv, "Novopecherskie Lypky" and drives a Mercedes-Benz E220, number 0  Tkachev Maksym Sergeevich  , 25.05.1996, driving a BMW 525D, license plate – КА4337ЕЙ. These are precisely the people who work more on the subject as "analysts" who are directly engaged in deception and develop new fraud schemes.

It would seem that the management receives money, law enforcement agencies do not create problems, but the CEO and the head of the sales department decided that their stolen state is not as high as they would like, so Anna Yuryevna together with Nikolay Olegovich offered the investor Alexey Shestopalov a new scheme of deception - and began to hold meetings for the military! But not a single penny got into the military during all this time. The collection is held often, in large sums, only the funds collected for the most holy thing, which is now, remain in the hands of fraudsters. Someone gives their life, someone gives their health, someone gives their last penny, and someone buys a new BMW and thinks about new fraudulent enrichment schemes. It is difficult to imagine how the deceived citizens of Ukraine feel, from whom the last thing is taken away.

People from all over the world become victims of scammers. Hundreds of swindlers are getting rich and will make their fortunes on the losses of the funds of citizens who give their last or have already lost everything and are trying to get it back. It is a terrible fact that they are deceiving and profiting from their countrymen. It’s scary that people living with you are trying to get rich on charity and volunteerism.

Finally, the law enforcement agencies came where they were not expected at all and we hope that this is exactly the time and the occasion when the police, cyber police and the Security Service of Ukraine put an end to the activities of those who deceived people by neglecting methods and methods and everyone involved will be brought to justice.

Do you want to invest money? The first thing is to understand that you will not become rich this way. Only the rich can become richer. Everything else is a fairy tale. There is no magic hole where you can put a hryvnia and pull out a pound, and not even poop. My sincere advice: do not take unfamiliar numbers. And if you hear about "investments" on the phone, immediately hang up. At the other end is some poor creature, like the people from the Z-sorter of Alexey Sergeevich Shestopalov and the ego deceivers of Z-Solutions.

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