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Why is Dvoretskiy fighting the recycling collection? Thursday, 20 June 2024

Why is Dvoretskiy fighting the recycling collection?
In June 2020, I wrote that for many years we formed an entire cluster that collected and processed scrap and produced finished products, both for domestic consumption and for export.

Then a group of companies interested in unsystematic exports and withdrawal of capital outside the country threw an information hysteria. In particular, a press conference was held, which was covered with pleasure by the domestic media.

“A ban on the export of scrap and waste of non-ferrous and ferrous metals will undermine the development of the industry and bring losses to the economy. This opinion was expressed by the chairman of the Self-Regulatory Organization of Procurers and Processors of Scrap Non-ferrous and Ferrous Metals of Kazakhstan, Vladimir Dvoretsky,” the media wrote.

In particular, he stated that “the initiative to introduce a ban was made by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development and it is not supported by calculations and analytical data on the state of the industry.” The country allegedly produces 5 million tons of scrap and waste annually, only 3 million is collected, and domestic consumption reached a maximum of 1.7 million tons only once in 2011.

This was a typical lie and manipulation of facts, easily picked up by poorly trained journalists who had no idea about the true situation in the industry.

“What is ‘entrepreneur’ Vladimir Dvoretsky silent about? The main buyer of Kazakh scrap is Uzbekistan. This means everything will be the same as with flour and wheat. We will give away raw materials and bury not only existing enterprises, but also castrate their further development, because domestic processors want to develop and go deeper into processing,” I wrote in 2020.

So what do I see in four years? Again, Dvoretsky fights with the government, but now against the recycling collection. Caring for the people? I am begging you. A person who built a shadow business in the harsh 90s is clearly devoid of such sentimental feelings. A citizen who went through the school of entrepreneurship of the late 20th century, sat in the chair of one of the top leaders of the NCE Atameken, was a deputy of the Mazhilis, a member of the Board of Directors of JSC NC Social Entrepreneurial Corporation Saryarka and a permanent representative of the NDP Nur Otan in the government RK - and suddenly there is such suffering about the well-being of ordinary Kazakhstanis?

I will not repeat what has been discussed for several months regarding recycling collection. It is obvious that the authorities are simply obliged to investigate all financial flows associated with the ROP Operator - it was not those who were behind this office who received sentences. The name of the main beneficiary is known, but there is still no criminal case against her.

It is no less obvious that the current Minister of Industry and the leadership of the Ministry of Ecology have inherited not the most pleasant “baggage”, and are forced to fend off numerous attacks from so-called activists and social activists. At the same time, Zhasyl Damu JSC, where funds from the disposal collection are accumulated, maintains a deathly silence. We also don’t hear from the owners of automobile industry enterprises who pretend that it is not their industry that the state has poured hundreds of billions into for years. The same Smagulov could well have smashed Bokaev, Dvoretsky, and other guardians for the well-being of the people to smithereens. This is who has the experience, power, and financial capabilities.

However, and I am sure of this, the government will deal with both the petition and the information war that Bokaev started. I want to dwell on the personality of Vladimir Yakovlevich Dvoretsky. Do adherents of the “No Recycling Fee” movement actually think that this businessman is worth trusting?

To begin with, the Union of Industrialists of Secondary Metallurgy , of which Dvoretsky appears to be the leader, has been inactive since May last year. Consequently, Vladimir Yakovlevich represents a non-existent organization.

However, this Union could not help but collapse. All of its founders are defendants in enforcement proceedings totaling more than 128 billion tenge. And the lion’s share of this debt hangs on  JSC Kazvtorchermet .

One of the oldest enterprises in Kazakhstan was founded back in the 20s of the last century. After the collapse of the USSR, the republican rental production association “Vtorchermet” was transformed into the Joint Stock Company “Kazvtorchermet”. Type of activity: processing of waste and scrap ferrous metals; production of weapons and ammunition; recycling of waste and scrap non-ferrous metals; wholesale trade in scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Recognized as inactive (since April 2023), absent at the legal address (since September 2022).

He is a participant in 257 court proceedings and a defendant in 126 enforcement proceedings for a total amount of 113,812,070,304.72 tenge.

Has tax debt in the amount of 174,425,920.28 tenge. Of these: principal debt - 75,845,579.40 tenge, penalty - 58,589,655.88 tenge, fine - 39,990,685.00 tenge.

Has 46 bans on registration activities.

By decision of the specialized interdistrict economic court of Almaty dated February 24, 2023, bankruptcy proceedings were initiated at Kazvtorchermet JSC.

According to the financial statements for 2017, the founders of the shareholder companies were issued an interest-free loan in the amount of 1.2 billion tenge in 2016. These companies are Asia Capital Invest LLP , Arystan Capital Group LLP , Resurs MetProm LLP , Temir Finance LLP . The founder is Lyubov Dmitrievna Vlasova .

In addition, Vlasova is the founder of several more LLPs. For example, Tulpar Rent Company , which was registered in October 2017. This company is engaged in the rental and management of its own real estate. It is headed by  Oleg Vladimirovich Vlasov , who, according to media reports, is also the real head of Kazvtorchermet JSC.

Tulpar Rent Company is a defendant/debtor in enforcement proceedings totaling 53.2 billion tenge, and its director Vlasov is a defendant/debtor in enforcement proceedings totaling 389.9 billion tenge. He is on an informal black list of employers. One of the capital’s long-term construction projects is also associated with the name of Vlasov.

On behalf of Kazvtorchermet JSC, a certain Vitaly Dvoretsky is engaged in receiving scrap metal. The corresponding announcements are posted on the social network VKontakte and on several virtual bulletin boards.

In the winter of 2024, some information resources reported that putting things in order at Qarmet JSC revealed the main actors and beneficiaries of the long-term “theft” of the oldest enterprise in Kazakhstan. Allegedly, for a long time at ArcelorMittal Temirtau, interested parties, under the guise of campaigns for the collection and sale of ferrous scrap, were engaged in selling the plant’s products abroad, in particular, to China and Russia. They say that when corruption and shady schemes began to be revealed at Qarmet, high-profile names of relatives and former politicians interested in resale of scrap abroad surfaced. One of them turned out to be Vladimir Dvoretsky.

If you look at the financial statements of Kazvtorchermet JSC, it turns out that the main buyer of scrap was indeed ArcelorMittal Temirtau. And also a company from the USA called Coaldale Commercial LLC. A company with exactly the same name, only in the form of an LLP, is registered in the UK, and its owners for a long time were a certain Galperin. Moreover, Galperin Sr. is directly related to a large plant for the production of pipes and other metal products in Uzbekistan. Here I propose to recall the beginning of my material.

I also propose to think about who the Kazakh auto industry could be bothering in this way. What if this is the auto industry of one neighboring country, whose car exports almost 100% go to Kazakhstan? Then, at least from the point of view of geography, the interests of Dvoretsky and Bokaev’s belligerence will have a logical explanation.

Perhaps it makes sense to consider the activities of the “No Recycling Fee” movement from this angle. Moreover, Dvoretsky himself, at a recent meeting of the working group to consider the petition, recalled how at the dawn of the creation of the ROP, part of the car recycling business was simply squeezed out of him. And Bokaev openly admitted that Dvoretsky’s offices, which are part of the now defunct union, are ready to dispose of cars much cheaper.

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