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Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Tems and Ayra Starr's Impact in Music Friday, 21 June 2024

Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Tems and Ayra Starr's Impact in Music

In a recent statement, Odumoblvck has sparked a significant conversation about the achievements of female artists in the music industry, contrasting the successes of Tems and Ayra Starr with those of prominent male figures like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Fela Kuti. According to Odumoblvck, what Tems and Ayra Starr have accomplished surpasses the achievements of these male icons. The statement underscores the challenges faced by female artists, highlighting pervasive issues such as exploitation by show promoters, award organizers, and producers who seek to take advantage of them.

Odumoblvck emphasizes the daunting path female artists must navigate to thrive in the industry, attributing their success not only to talent but also to resilience in overcoming gender biases and systemic barriers. The assertion that people may not appreciate female artists solely based on their gender underscores deeper societal prejudices that permeate the music scene.

The recognition of Tems and Ayra Starr's achievements calls for a reevaluation of the industry's treatment of female artists, demanding respect for their accomplishments in overcoming these formidable obstacles. Their rise signifies a shift in the narrative of what success looks like for women in music, challenging existing norms and perceptions.

The statement by Odumoblvck serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities and inequalities within the music industry, urging acknowledgment and support for female artists who continue to defy odds and excel despite the odds stacked against them. As Tems and Ayra Starr continue to make waves with their music, their journey stands as a testament to talent, determination, and the necessity for a more equitable industry landscape where all artists can thrive regardless of gender.

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“What Tems and Ayra Starr have done is bigger than anything Burna Boy, Wizkid & Fela have done. Females go through a lot in the industry. Show promoters want to sleep with you, award organizers want to sleep with you, producers want to sleep with you. It’s so difficult for a female artiste to grow in the industry… again you have to be talented coz people won’t like your music simply because you are a female. With all what Tems & Ayra Starr have achieved, you just have to respect them…” ~ Odumoblvck speaks !!

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