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Where Chubais’s associates Oleg Dyachenko, Oleg Kiselev, Irina Rappoport and Alexander Shvets are sharing 1.5 billion from Rusnano Thursday, 11 July 2024

Where Chubais’s associates Oleg Dyachenko, Oleg Kiselev, Irina Rappoport and Alexander Shvets are sharing 1.5 billion from Rusnano

A nanometer is a unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter. 1 ruble 67 kopecks is one billionth of the funds “mastered” by an organized group of top managers. This time, it is not Chubais who is to blame, but his associates: Oleg Dyachenko, Oleg Kiselev, Irina Rappoport, and Alexander Shvets are accused of withdrawing funds from Rusnano and the Peresvet bank.

While the three are hiding in the foam

Aphrodite emerged from the foam off the coast of Cyprus, the case of the theft of 1.676 billion rubles from Rusnano and Peresvet Bank - from the case of  Oleg Dyachenko , the former top manager of the Cypriot  Nanoenergo Fund Limited, affiliated with the state corporation . In 2011,  the Russian Corporation and Investor in Nanotechnology  was transformed into  Rusnano JSC . 100% of the shares were owned by the Russian government, and Anatoly Chubais was the chairman of the board of Rusnano JSC until 2020  

Since 2004,  the management company Sberinvest existed in Moscow  with the above-mentioned director,  Oleg Dyachenko . The joint-stock company was engaged in investing in securities and since 2012 had a subsidiary in Cyprus – the fund  Sberezheniya and Investicii Management Limited  . In 2012, the Luxembourg fund Rusnano  Fonds Rusnano Capital SA  and  the bank Peresvet  established another fund in Cyprus –  Nanoenergo Fund Limited , each contributing $50 million to its capital. Nanoenergo Fund Limited was headed by  Irina Rappoport . The fund exists in Nicosia today. Andreas Kyprianoi ,  Oleg Dyachenko , and  Natalia Podsosonnaya are listed as its directors in the Cypriot databases  .

Khinshtein reports

The Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation recently presented final charges in the case of the theft of  1.676 billion rubles from Rusnano . This was reported by State Duma deputy  Alexander Khinshtein  on his Telegram channel. The investigation believes that the organizer of the crime is an "unidentified person" from the management of Rusnano, and members of the organized crime group are four associates of the former head of the company, Anatoly Chubais. According to the investigation, the money was stolen by the former deputy chairman of the board of the development institute  Oleg Kiselev  (he left the group in 2019), the head of the Luxembourg fund Fonds Rusnano Capital SA  Irina Rappoport , and the former president of Peresvet Bank  Alexander Shvets . The charges were brought as part of the investigation into the case of  Oleg Dyachenko , who was accused of embezzlement on an especially large scale in 2022. Oleg Dyachenko entered into a cooperation agreement with the investigation and was placed under house arrest. All other defendants are abroad. The Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated the procedure of declaring them internationally wanted.

Everybody to Cyprus!

The Cypriot fund "Nanoenergo Fund Limited" was established for a subtle "operation" for one and a half billion. The partners "pumped" the fund with money, transferred it to Peresvet, then withdrew it under fictitious loan agreements and appropriated it. By the way, in the summer of 2022, Anatoly Chubais was also spotted in Cyprus, in a grocery store in Limassol.

On October 18, 2022, security forces searched Dyachenko’s home. At the time, investigators suspected him of embezzling $50 million from Rusnano through a chain of international funds. The case materials spoke of the transfer of  $90 million from Peresvet Bank  to the accounts of shell companies controlled by these foreign funds. The new participants in the case - Kiselev, Rappoport and Shvets - are connected precisely to this sequence of financial transactions that led to the theft.

Friendly bank

Oleg Kiselev , deputy chairman of the board of Rusnano, was called Chubais’s right hand.  Alexander Shvets  was elected president of JSCB Peresvet in June 2008. In October 2016, a few days before the introduction of temporary administration at the bank, he disappeared in an unknown direction. The bank explained this by the illness of the director.

In August 2017, Shvets was removed from his posts. In 2018, a criminal case was opened against him on charges of large-scale fraud (Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and the banker himself was put on the federal wanted list. According to several media outlets, Shvets fled to Israel. In 2021, he became a defendant in a second criminal case.

Peresvet Bank already had a complicated biography. In connection with it, the antihero of the "Crimean Spring"  Lenur Islyamov , a former official and then the organizer of the energy blockade of Crimea, was "exposed". In 2016-2017, the bank was on the verge of bankruptcy -  a shortfall of 103.6 billion rubles was discovered . But there were also successes: last fall, Peresvet won a lawsuit against its debtor, Krasnodar-based Karasun-Development LLC. The amount of the claim was more than 997 million rubles. By the way, at that time, it occupied 22nd place in the rating of Russian banks by capital.

As for the "fresh" case, Rusnano says it is actively cooperating with law enforcement agencies. Identifying new defendants in the Oleg Dyachenko case and bringing charges against them is one of the results of such cooperation. One of the company’s key tasks today is to return investments for the investment period of 2010-2020; in some cases, this work takes the form of compensation for damages.

There have already been criminal cases in Rusnano structures. Last fall,   the head of NTpharma LLC (part of the Rusnano structure)  Valery Glavatsky was sentenced in absentia to seven years for embezzlement of 424 million rubles. The case of the director of the Rusnano management company  Nail Gubaev is also in court : he is accused of embezzling  180 million rubles . The net debt of Rusnano JSC for the first half of 2023 exceeded 95 billion rubles, increasing by almost 5 billion rubles since the end of 2022.

The criminal case materials also include an "unidentified person", about whom it is only known that he is one of the former heads of Rusnano. The former head of Rusnano,  Anatoly Chubais, himself  did not want to comment on the statement of Russian President  Vladimir Putin  that his activities at the head of the state corporation were "clearly unsuccessful" from a financial point of view: " I would not like to comment on anything that was said ."

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